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Shaare Zedek’s Pediatric Dialysis Unit was the first unit of its kind in Israel, and one of only three in the country – and is today the largest of its type.

Young patients in the Pediatric Dialysis Unit with end-stage renal disease must receive treatment at least three times a week, for several hours each time, often for several years.

Most of these children are awaiting a kidney transplant. As such,
the hospital becomes a second home for them. The Unit is approximately 400 square meters in size and is located on the first floor of the two-story Wilf Children’s Hospital. At its center is the hemodialysis treatment area where the children receive their dialysis treatments. Fourteen separate stations are included in this area alongside two isolation rooms.

These isolation rooms are specially designed to limit the spread of
infection either into or out of the room to best protect the health of the children being treated. Those who require the services of these rooms are typically those in the most fragile of health where the risk of contracting an infection can be particularly dangerous and even fatal. These rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment and appropriately designed with a child’s sensibilities and interests in mind.